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 A Brief History

Through the dedication of Mothers, Husbands and Rate-payers, the school opened on 31 January 1962 at the corner of Dunvegan Avenue and Francis Street, Dunvegan.
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Staff and children arrive at school and prepare for the day ahead


Supervised structured play & teacher-directed handwork activities


Younger section rings with specialised teacher- directed group activities


Supervised structured play and teacher-directed handwork activities


Tidy - up routine


Quiet time e.g stories, discussion, perceptual games etc.


Children’s departure time
  • Sandwiches and juice are supplied by the school for the mid-morning¬ snack.
  • Parents are requested to send a healthy snack for children to eat just before leaving school.
  • The aftercare runs from 13h00 - 17h30 every day.
  • A holiday programme is available all day during¬ the school holidays.
Teaching is based on a weekly theme. The theme is used to aid the teaching of various concepts. That week all activities are based on that theme. Innings are also arranged around the themes. It is helpful if the parents continue the theme at home. Please also view the theme table with your child.

Soccer Starz:
Soccer Starz provides an early training platform for children aged 3-8 years old where they will learn various skills, not only in soccer, but other sport that involves playing with a ball. Our trained coaches will provide skills needed for youngsters to become more confident on the sports field. Each session will be 30 minutes per week, ensuring we keep their attention span active.

Playball offers varied, formalised, age specific sport and movement development to children between 2 to 9 years of age. Positive coaching methods are used to develop life skills like independence, self-confidence, courage, discipline, concentration and listening skills, good sportsmanship, responsibility and social interaction. Each stage includes defined age-specific objectives that are realised within the course of the year. Playball provides children with an opportunity to develop every aspect of their lives.

Pottery is a lot of fun for children and is important in the way that it encourages creativity, assists in perceptual development, enhances fine motor development and strengthens eye-hand co-ordination. Pottery uses talents and imagination while allowing the children to make gifts can be made for friends and family.

Little Green Fingers:
This is a creative gardening course for 3 - 7 year olds, aimed at reintroducing children to nature and nurture through practical and fun activities. We let them scratch around in the soil, search for bugs, plant seeds and see nature's little ecosystems at work. You will get to witness some of your kids achievements in the form of a pot plant on your office desk or carrots on your dinner plate grown in their own veggie patch.

Karate is a fun way to learn and develop co-ordination of reflexes, discipline and self-control, balance and self-confidence.

Build em Brix:
For the growing need for mental stimulation and early development in mathematics and science, what better way than to introduce your little one to Build em Brix!
We provide an early training platform for children aged 3-8 years old where they will learn various skills ranging from basic colours, shapes and numbers to more advanced technical and architectural proficiencies.

Dunvegan Nursery School was the result of a hard-working and determined group of mothers in the area. They were later joined by their husbands and members of the Rate-payers Association.

The school started in the home of Mrs Henwood, a qualified Nursery School teacher, in Lily Avenue. Six children made up that first group. In June 1955 there was a set- back: any school not run in a proper venue did not qualify for a government grant. In spite of this, the mothers remained committed to providing Dunvegan children with a local nursery school. The Dunvegan Ratepayers and Residents Association joined in the fight after Mrs Henwood was forced to close her home school and, in June 1958, Mrs Hodgson opened her house as a temporary play centre.
After many delays and ideas to buy and rent different plots and houses, the school opened on 31 January 1962 at the corner of Dunvegan Avenue and Francis Street, Dunvegan. Sixty children attended the school and Mrs J Hodgson was the principal.

In 1964 Mrs Joan Whiting was appointed principal, a post she held until the end of 1999.

In January 2000 Mrs Brenda Larrett became the principal, until she emigrated in 2001.

Mrs Sally Finaughty, a long time teacher at the school, took over the role as principal until she retired in 2009.

Yvonne Breedveld was promoted into this position from the beginning of 2010 and retired in 2018.

Michelle Cramb was appointed as the principal in January 2019.

Today this Non-Profit Organisation has over 100 children attending daily with teachers, assistant teachers, a secretary and ground staff collaborating to make the school a continued success. Working mothers make good use of the aftercare facility and a holiday club where fun activities are planned each day.

Dunvegan Past Pupils hold our name high as they move through their Primary and Secondary schooling, excelling in academic and leadership roles. “Dunvegan Nursery School graduates stand out as they always have constructive opinions” - a local Grade 1 Teacher.

Dunvegan Nursery School
In a Loving Atmosphere of Care and Joy
25 Frances Street, Cnr Dunvegan Avenue, Edenvale, 1610, South Africa

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